Born, once again, out of the fire –
A burning pool of blood
Rise to dominate
Death control, out of the liers –
Does God speak unto you
As well?

Brother, tell me, what does he say to you –
His words carved in stone
Or by mortal hands?
These hands will press the button
These hands will wrap around your neck

“Flood the universe with your anger
Send storms to drown us all
Under waves of ocean laughter
I’ve seen all death reborn

Who will carry you across
When you’ve taken your own life
Were you led by the finger above
Or drowned by the hand below”

I burn in you, all faces scorched –
And spill down all my wrath
Who will dominate?
Land of dreams that you have forged –
The fist will not spare
I will desecrate

Brother, tell me, do you rely on him –
To save you from yourself
On your judgement day?
The day I’ll press the button
The day I’ll wrap around your neck

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