Shepherd I shall be

Shepherd I shall be” was the first song written by Matan for Salvation, with music by Guy.

After failing to complete the production of “Roses”, Salvation underwent several lineup changes, with Natalia & Boaz leaving the band and Matan taking the front of the stage.

Salvation decided to try and produce a full length album with Gregory Seriy, Bass guitarist of After G.R.E.V and owner of After G.R.E.V Studio, but before arranging the songs for the full length production, Salvation recorded a single.
“Shepherd I shall be” was chosen for being catchy and simple, a good representation of the musical style of the band.

Lead female vocals were performed by former vocalist and still a good friend, Natalia.
With the final production of the song being successful and well received,  “Shepherd I shall be” was the first step towards “Everlasting Fall”, an 11 tracks full length album.