Everlasting Fall

Track list:

  1. The Shedding of Rain
  2. Broken
  3. Deceptive Belief
  4. Inno in Senses
  5. Tears I Cried, Years I Bled
  6. Above Open Grave (Children of the Wind)
  7. Sit With The Dead
  8. Dark Shades of White
  9. All is Silent Now
  10. Behind Bars
  11. Roses

“Everlasting Fall” is the first full length studio album of Salvation.

It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gregory Seriy at “After G.R.E.V Studios” (Drums Recorded At “Feedback Studios”) and produced by Salvation.

The album contains songs from various stations in Salvation’s timeline, from brand new tracks such as “The Shedding of Rain” which features guest Andrew Litvachuk to old song such as “Roses” written by Hezi Nakash and performed by Salvation from the first days on the band, now rearrange and updated.

Original Female Vocal for “Everlasting Fall” were performed by Natalie Akselman, a very talented session singer, but during the production the band was joined by vocalist Victoria and decided to re-record all lead female part with the current vocalist, leaving a fair amount of backing vocals performed by Natalie, the result was a great mixture of both voices throughout the entire production.

“It was a journey, the road was sure bumpy at times, looking back I can say most of the time, I’ve never enjoyed the process of recording as much as going on the stage, the energy of a live show is missing from the cold studio. But a live show is instant satisfaction with a quick high and a fast descend back to the ground, whereas albums are a long lasting feeling of accomplishment.”

“Everlasting Fall” will be released on July 2015 in various digital music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more, physical copies of the album are not yet sold online.

Bass Guitars by recored by Eugene Archipov and Synths By Oleg Aryutkin of Desert, both former members of Salvation and still good friends and supporters.

Artwork and Photography By Guy Nakash.
Band Photography By Anastacia Nekrasova.